Worth Watching: Goalcast Video – Love Someone for Who They Are

If we love someone for who we want them to be, we’re loving them wrong.


This GoalCast video, “Let Your Treasure be Known” got me nodding ’til the last frame! A few days before seeing this on Facebook newsfeed, I wrote of something related. Here’s a part of it:

You enter into a relationship not to be changed by the other person or to change him/her by force. If you can’t stand your differences, leave. If you decide to stay, be tolerant and patient. Be calm and kind in words and ways. You might get lucky that one day you realize he/she has changed for the better. Otherwise, think that oftentimes, people do what they do not because they want to hurt you, but because it’s just the way they are.

Now, watch this Goalcast video talking about how difficult it is for us to love somebody for who they are and not for who we want them to be. It goes on saying that we forget to love them for being uniquely flawed and evolving just like ourselves! Exactly my thoughts. We are not perfect, so I guess, it’s just right not to expect others to be perfect. We have differences, good and bad, and if we can just learn to respect these differences and choose to be kind when pointing out their weaknesses, we may soon see them change their awful ways.

I couldn’t agree more with this video. People struggle with issues about their own attitude, but treating them with compassion and kindness can help them with such struggle. People often reciprocate the love you give them.

The video emphasizes that we are all helpers, and we must act on helping others become better persons – we must work hard to share the treasure within us — the kind that inspires and uplifts others.