5 Things I do to deal with PMS

This list includes cucumber water and Dyosa Pockoh!


Premenstrual syndrome can happen to any menstruating woman, young or old. While I cannot provide you with scientific explanation for pre-menstrual cramps and mood swings (I can only go as far as saying hormones have something to do with these symptoms), I can share with you the 5 things I do to somehow relieve myself of the effects of PMS.

Premenstrual syndrome occurs for about a week prior the first day of the menstrual period. Symptoms vary from person to person, but the most common is the mood swing. Women are reported to feel agitated or grumpy in one moment and quite overjoyed in the next, but oftentimes, feelings of self-doubt, a lack of confidence, and melancholy emerge. So, what do I do when I have PMS?

Cry… or laugh with anything on the Internet.

When you feel sad, feel sad! When you feel happy, be happy! But people around may find you a little bit weird, so you want to go to your room and lock the door, grab your iPad and listen to the saddest songs on YouTube, imagine that those songs are about you, then cry, as if the world has turned its back on you. Cry until your eyes get swollen.  It feels so good to cry until you get tired of it or until you come back to your senses and realize how stupid you are to cry over those songs. One of my favorites: Killing the Blues.


Make sure you have enough water to keep you hydrated.

Don’t open the door yet. Stay in the room until you regain control of yourself. This is the part I really love ’cause it’s when I begin looking for something to cheer me up. Over time, I have created a list of Internet personalities to look for for some serious cracking up. The first on my list is Dyosa Pockoh. His brand of funny may not cater to the entire universe, but I come from the same part where he lives; and he’s just genius to show extraordinarily hilarious things about his hometown people’s culture which I can relate to, just like this video:

Go for a walk.


I go for an hour walk alone. It helps me release body tension and allows me to think about my life and how I am doing with it. I choose the park or a big mall, depending on my mood. Oftentimes, I don’t feel like being around so many people, so the park nearby which isn’t crowded on certain hours, is the perfect choice. Going to the mall lets me satisfy my craving for something new and fresh and exciting. I don’t necessarily buy stuff; looking around is just fine.

Get a hug.


Touch therapy is like magic. The warmth and comfort brought about by a hug with someone you love is extra-special. It gives a feeling of security and appreciation. Also, when you are in a bad mood, you tend to say awful things, and using your PMS as an excuse may not work for them to let you get away with your tantrums. They talk back. Learn to cut the argument from there. Learn to control, and it helps to say this out loud in a nice way: “Oh, I’m having my period soon. Just ignore me.” Then, make it up with a hug or a cuddle.

Grab a snack box.


Sweets make us happy, but I know they can only make my mood worse. However, I still go for a snack box filled with chips, biscuits, and candy bars, but I include some cucumber sticks, yogurt, and apple slices to lessen the guilt.

Drink plenty of water.


Lemon or cucumber-infused water helps with cramps. I drink about 2 -3 liters daily. When you eat too much sweets, bloating comes next. Drinking cucumber water reduces water retention, thus makes you feel better.

You may already have your own list of things to do when having premenstrual syndrome. Comment them below or share your thoughts about mine.