Confused Words: Everyday and Every day

That hyperlipidemia part is just made-up.


So you’re confused between everyday and every day.


Egg had been part of my everyday meal until I was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia just about two weeks ago. Imagine eating at least two eggs every day for the last 3 or 4 months and pairing them with nice spicy Hungarian sausage and two servings of rice. It was easy to blame the eggs because I could not give up my sausages and rice. I guess I just have to take it easy on all of them and make 20-minute walking an everyday habit. Why is it so hard to commit to exercising? I just can’t do it every day. Maybe, twice a week would be fine.

Can you guess now the difference between everyday and every day?

Everyday is an adjective that expresses something is common, and since it’s an adjective, it goes before the noun it describes.

“Egg had been part of my everyday meal.”

Everyday – adjective
Meal – noun

 Every day is an adverbial time expression for something that occurs daily.

“Imagine eating at least two eggs every day.”

Eating (at least two eggs) – event happening
Every day – time expression to describe the frequency of the event

Hope you’re not confused anymore. Leave your comments below.